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Displays and ever-changing exhibitions can now be enjoyed at Oldroyd’s Corner, inviting discovery, enhancing sales and publicity.

With so many craft workers, artists, musicians, cooks, special collections of antiques and artefacts, carpenters, rare plant growers and many other people looking for outlets and shoppers seeking ‘different’ gifts – this is a good time to organise an event at Oldroyd’s Corner.


How long will your exhibition last? Is it a ‘one off’ event?
Smaller events can run for one or two days, usually a Saturday and Sunday.
Others can run for 5 –7 days or longer.


When do you want to run your event?
Is it in conjunction with a group or as a sole exhibitor?

Please look at our EVENTS page for monthly updates.

Traders Charges
Charges will vary throughout the season with peak times, school holidays and weekends realising significantly more than off peak-weekdays throughout the year.

The charges are also affected by:

  • the amount of space you will need,
  • position of stall
  • whether you will be there to man your area,
  • the length of time you wish to display your wares,
  • whether you are a Charity
  • whether you will be offering demonstrations
  • whether you are a voluntary organisation

You may be able to pay extra to be given a prime position or more space.

There are Special Rates for exhibitors and trades people who wish to rent a display area for their wares all year round as a permanent feature.

Things to think about

You may be attending an event to make a profit, but quite wisely also thinking about it as an opportunity to let the general public know about you and your website or organisation. When you hear that you’ve been accepted for a craft fair or event at Oldroyd’s Corner, that’s the time to start talking and sharing information about it to drum up interest and let people know you’ll be there. The more sellers who talk about the event, the bigger your footfall will be. Use social media and your mailing list (if you have one) to promote your involvement in the event, fans of your work will want to visit the fair and meet you in person. Talking about the event on social media beforehand can also be a useful way to connect with other makers. Handing out cards and talking to members of the public about your products may well result in many ‘after event’ enquiries, custom orders and sales. You may wish to visit and see the layout for yourself or we can send footage of the space we have available. We are considerate of where we place sellers and how many of each discipline we allow. We at Oldroyd’s Corner pledge to do the same. We have links to many Businesses, Organisations and Tourist Attractions all over the region and your success will be our success. We share access to a database of customers with the Klondyke/Strikes Garden Centre Group, Let Loose! Adventure Park and our everyday visitors and supporters.